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Ovulation Induction

Ovulation induction is generally about the production of an egg by the ovaries of a woman who has been unable to produce eggs or produces eggs infrequently. Proper fertility medicines and injections are then been sued in order to stimulate the ovaries and increase the number of eggs produced per cycle whilst increasing the chances of pregnancy.

Ovulation induction by PGD IVF Dubai

An Ovulation induction is required in a case when the women are not been able to ovulate by her. This can be cause by certain factors like stress, anxiety, fluctuations in weight or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). There are some more reasons behind the same medical condition which includes certain disorders in the pituitary gland, or the thyroid gland, and increased prolactin levels. On the other hand, Ovulation induction can also occur due to ovulation failure due to cancer treatment or start of the menopause in women. Moreover, if a women is going through irregular menstrual cycle, the fertility aspect can be located by several ultrasound scans (mainly follicle tracking) and diagnose of the hormones in the female body.
Here at PGD IVF Dubai, we first go through establishing the main reason behind the ovulation problems in the women with various diagnosis and ultrasound of the womb and the ovaries which followed by a series of blood tests, and then recommends the required treatment to all our patients.

Before ovulation problems can be treated it is important to undertake certain tests to establish the cause. These tests include an ultrasound scan of the ovaries and womb and blood tests to measure a range of hormone.

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How to treat Ovulation Induction?

Once we start ahead with the treatment process, proper medication and injections get started in the in the Initial days along with proper monitoring of ongoing egg sacs (follicles) with the help of trans-vaginal scanning. It is only after the required size is gained by the follicles, medication (Inj hCG) is advised in order to stimulate the release of the matured eggs (ovulation) from the ovarian follicle. This is the fertile period which must involve timed intercourse along with all the required medicines and treatments in the process.

If ovulation still does not occur, the treatment and the medications can be checked and analyzed with the start of the menstruation period in order to stimulate egg production. If medicines are not making any required impact, fertility injections can then be brought into use in order to stimulate egg production in the ovaries. Moreover, it’s also needs to be ensured that the ovaries are responding to the medications and the treatment process.