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Male Infertility

Male infertility is usually associated with sperm production or motility (ability to float). That’s where PGD IVF Dubai can help you in treating all your Male infertility issues through proper semen analysis, physical examination, and other related texts.

Reasons for Male infertility

When we talk about Male infertility, it’s largely been associated with the sperm quality and sperm count of the Male body and once diagnosed, same must be treated with immediate effect in order to derive long term fruitful results. Moreover, there are numerous reasons for Male infertility and same can be categorized in below-mentioned reasons.

There can be numerous medical reasons like the issues in the testicles or any male reproductive organs which is hampering the sperm production and its quality in the male body. Other reason may include exposure to harmful chemicals and another sort of lifestyle and diet issues. Usually, sperm and blood within the male body are separated by some physical barriers, which further ensure the safety of the sperm from the antibodies. This is when the blood and sperm come in contact as a result of any sort of accident or injury to the reproductive organ. As a result, male antibodies get formed.

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How do Sperm antibodies impact Male infertility?

Sperm antibodies can impact the male body in numerous ways after getting formed and most of them facilitate the sperm to stick together (known as agglutination). Agglutinated sperm starts making clumps and its movement towards cervix and uterus gets toughened. There also come other antibodies which enables the Natural killer (NK) cells in the immune system to attack the sperm. That’s where some of the antibodies block the sperm membrane and the cervical mucus whilst avoiding the sperm from floating through the cervix. Antibodies would also be laying a bigger impact on the sperm’s ability to fertilize the egg. Moreover, they also reduce the pregnancy chances for the sperm and that’s where a MAR test comes handy in taking care of the issue whilst identifying it at the first place.

At PGD IVF Dubai, our best in class physicians specialize in the following:

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