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Gestational Carrier

There could be a better feeling for a couple who are still craving for a child in their hopeless lives. Here at PGD IVF DUBAI, we work with the sole motive of making the bets happiness arrive in the lives of all such struggling couples. Whilst been your true partner in this journey, we assure you all the support and assistance throughout the process!

Our Professional approach

PGD IVF DUBAI is open of the most sought after center for the gestational carrier services around the world and over the years, we have made our mark with great expertise and experience in the same domain.

Moreover, all of our staff members and medical experts have years of experience and expertise in their respective field and which has come out of great dedication and determination in the whole process. Also, whilst our founders and director have been former intended parents themselves, we understand the pain and agony of all the couples who are still searching for that little hope of happiness in their backyard. You just have to come over and experience the level of treatments and services provided and PGD IVF and stay ensured of getting only the best of everything on board for your gestational carrier requirements.

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Three simple worlds that perfectly represent our mission & what we promise to you.


Together they embody our pledge to stand with you,Guide you,Encourage you.


To fight for your dreams,our 4000+ success stories define our innovations.


How it works at PGD IVF?

Whilst we understand that the whole journey starts for the intended parents once they start looking for a gestational carrier for their specific needs. That’s where we come into the picture with only the best and screened gestational carrier profiles on board for your selection. Here at PGD IVF, we then take care of the overall process of screening the gestational carriers for any kind of medical and psychological issues so as to ensure a better future for your coming child.
Once the screening gets through, its one time to go ahead with a mutual agreement with both the parties and we have got one of the best legal professionals in the country on board for the same regards. It’s not just about the gestational carrier process and we always ensure a better environment and process for both the intended parents and the gestational carriers so as to make the whole procedure a fruitful one for both the parties.