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Genetic Screening

Genetic screening is a process of checking embryos generated through IVF. This serves to prevent certain genetic diseases or disorders in order to from being passed to the child.

Genetic Testing: How the whole process works?

If we talk about the genetic testing, it can be done by using two different techniques, PGD (Pre genetic diagnosis) and PGS ( Pre genetic screening). Whilst  PGS involves detecting any sort of  chromosomal abnormalities in the genes, PGD is mostly about  detecting any genetic disorders that might be inherited to the child from the parents

Before getting along with both PGD & PGS, a detailed analysis needs to be prepared while testing the parents for any sort of genetic mutation which might develop further in the child. The same test begins along with the IVF treatment procedure and the woman’s menstrual cycle then gets monitored. On the other side, the eggs derived from the mother are then placed in a petri dish which then gets mixed with father’s sperm to fertilize further. The fertilized embryos then require almost 2-3 days to develop and thereafter gets transferred to the uterus of the women.

During the same process, the embryologist would be taking one or two cells from each embryo with the help of a technique called biopsy. These cells are then sent to a laboratory for genetic analysis and further process which needs to be accomplished in order to get along with the IVF treatment.

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Why you must choose genetic testing?

Although PGD or PGS are mostly advised for women aged 35 or older, suffered from certain miscarriages or failed IVF cycles in past or got a family background of chromosomal abnormalities, it can be brought in use by anyone in general. Even as per a medical study its been ascertained that almost 50% of human eggs are coming along with certain chromosomal issues and that is something which is been said as the major reason behind most of the miscarriages.