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Female Fertility

Female fertility is one of the most important aspects in regards to a women’s health and here at PGD IVF, we ensure only the best towards ensuring better health and life to all the women around.

Why Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) right for you?

Whilst A person goes for fertility treatment, PGS is often recommended to diagnose any particular genetic disorder in both the partners as there is a 25% chance that the born child might also get impacted with the same disorder in the coming future. Moreover, the same disorder is likely to be carried forward to future generations alongside

Once it is known via PGS that one of the partners is diagnosed with any sort of genetic disorder, the respective doctor can then modified the overall treatment process in the same regards. Thus, it’s always recommended to go ahead with the Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) before the embryo transfer, in order to minimize the possibility of transferring an embryo with a genetic disorder to the woman’s uterus. While we understand that most of the genetic disorders are recessive in nature, both mother and father need to be screened in order to locate any such genetic disorders in the future child This is the reason why we screen the mother first in order to check the presence of any such disorders and once we get through the same in case of father as well, the further treatment plan can then be established accordingly.

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Factors which impact the egg quality in women in regards to their fertility

  • Inflammation or scarring in the ovaries

Chronic inflammation is one of the biggest factors to impact the Female fertility. Moreover, the age also put a bigger impact in the overall quality and quantity of the eggs and whilst you have been diagnosed with issues like pelvic diseases, STDs, and others which triggers high inflammation and scarring in the ovaries, the eggs don’t get released easily from the ovaries in the process.

  • General routine and genetic issues

Other factors which play a major role in the overall health of the women eggs are Lifestyle choices and any sort of genetic issues in the women eggs. If the women are habitual of excessive smoking or drug use, in turn, brings on certain chromosomal abnormalities, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, early menopause, immunity disorders, and obesity.

This is where taking good care of your body, along with regular session with your gynecologist whilst reporting any sort of irregularities in menstrual cycles or periods is some of the precautions you can take to enhance the fertility aspect in your body. You must go step by step and once you are through with the infertility diagnosis, the overall structure and plane of the treatment can then be finalized by your respective physician.