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Family Balancing

For some couples, the gender of their baby is important. Using the same technology that is used to perform pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS), we can determine the gender of an embryo before it is even implanted in the womb, so you can be certain that if you do conceive a child, it will be of the gender of your choice.

How does family balancing work?

The woman is first put into medications to push the eggs production which would then be followed by the proper monitoring of the IVF cycle via ultrasound screenings to check the development process of the embryo
It’s within that period when the eggs are first extracted and put into a lab dish to let it fertilize further along with the man’s sperm (or, in ICSI, where every egg gets injected with an individual, pre-selected sperm). Once the fertilization process is through, the embryo is then left for 2-3 days to develop further.
Once the development of the embryos gets through, the embryo is then transferred to the uterus of the women seeking the IVF treatment for pregnancy. It’s right there when the embryologist would be taking few of the sample cells from each embryo which would be then checked for any type of genetic issues or chromosomal problems and all the couples who would like to check the gender for family balancing purpose can then check the gender of the embryo.

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Why you must go for family balancing?

Most of the couples who chose to go for family balancing does this in order to balance their family composition with either a boy or a girl as their future child and the same process can somehow take s a lot of stress out of the picture for the couples altogether. As the screening is done on a chromosomal level, the assumptions can be said to be true to almost 100% in terms of checking the gender of the future child through the PGS process.

Moreover, along with family balancing requirements, you can also check for any type of chromosomal abnormalities in the child as the diagnosis of any chromosomal issues in embryo often lead to a bigger risk of miscarriage afterward.