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Egg Banking

Every woman around always dreams of becoming a mother but not all of them gets the same accomplished eventually. This is mostly due to increasing Infertility issues in both men and women and if we specifically talk about the women, their fertility starts dropping after the late ’20s. However, conception rates still stay high into the ’30s but the quality and numbers of the eggs get decreased. After age 35, the decline accelerates and reaches nearly zero pregnancy potential by the time the woman reaches age 45. In addition, women over 35 have an increased risk of miscarriage and/ or genetic abnormalities in their children as a result of age-dependent changes in egg quality.

Egg banking at PGD IVF Dubai

Before you proceed with any other treatment or process, our expert fertility physicians would get along with a consultation session whilst checking your medical history and goals towards planning a family. There will be few more tests which would ultimately confirms whether your require service from egg banking or not. Ovarian stimulation process would commence on the first and second day of your period and your body would be ready for the egg retrieval process within 11 -13 days. You then need to come to the clinic in order to go though follicular monitoring and blood tests after every 4 – 5 days. Egg retrieval is a painless process which undergoes in the effect of anesthesia with the patient having a nice sleep in the process. It all depends on the response of your body to all the medicines during the treatment process, and there could be possibility that more than one egg must be retrieved to enhance the pregnancy chances in future. Once the retrieval process is through, the eggs can then be cryopreserved and stored for future use.

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How safe is the Egg banking process?

If we talk about the number, more than 2,000 babies have been facilitated with the egg banking process. Moreover, no general birth defects have been noticed in the whole process as compared to the natural pregnancy in the past few years. There was also no increase in the number of chromosomal defects between embryos retrieved from frozen eggs as compared to the eggs retrieved in any other manner.
At PGD IVF DUBAI, we have one of the most advanced and successful Vitrification programmes on board whilst using the latest Cryotech Vitrification method. The egg thaw rates at PGD IVF is 95% and fertilization rates are around 75% for women up to 38 years of age. We further advised that 8 mature eggs must be stored for each pregnancy attempt.