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Advice for Mothers to Be

Last week you have found that you are expecting. Bang on! This is really amazing to feel someone breathing inside you, the one who is a part of you and reflects the love you have with your partner throughout your life. You are all set, excited and ready to let the world know that you are blessed to bring a new life in this world. But what when your initial excitement is over? You start worrying and become confuse about what to do or what not? What is best for your baby? Which food you need to eat to have healthy pregnancy and baby? What you can do for your pregnancy? And many more are there. There are Few trusted clinic of Pregnancy Treatment in Mumbai, Come and get the best treatment by specialist.

You have now loaded with a whole bunch of queries, does not matter this is your first time or second time. The pregnancy always brings several questions and confusions with it that must be solved or answered on time to have healthy positive pregnancy. We all know that pregnancy time is the best time to start taking care of your health. Since the hormonal changes in your body demands several things with the on-going pregnancy, it is good to learn more and more about the new and scary things that will occur during your pregnancy.

Well, if you an expecting mother, no need to worry, here, we come with some simple and straight forward advice to assist guide you through the pregnancy time.

Let’s start with diet which is most important aspect of pregnancy you need to consider. Good nutritional diet is the foremost necessity of a healthy pregnancy. While eating keep in mind that whatever you eat will directly impact on your health as well as your unborn baby’s health. A mother-to-be should therefore be aware of the influence her dieting or nutritional choices.

First of all, being pregnant does not mean you need to eat for TWO! This is the common myth that during pregnancy you should eat for two, which in turn sometimes results in unnecessary weight gain that later on arise difficulties in pregnancy. As per experts, between 11-16 kg should increase over the period of pregnancy. However, underweight or less than 18.5 BMI is also not good for pregnancy.
Eat balanced diet with essential nutrients is wise to ensure having healthy baby and pregnancy as well. In order to have adequate amount of nutrients, add adequate nutrients rich food such as low fat food (cheese, milk and yoghurt), green leafy vegetables and fruits for minerals and vitamins, lean proteins (soya, meat, eggs, fish and chicken), healthy fats (nuts and seeds and olive) and unrefined starches (rice, whole wheat bread, potatoes and cereals).

Along with balanced diet, don’t forget to take pre-natal supplements to fulfill your body’s nutritional requirements. Ask your doctor about best pre-natal supplements as per your pregnancy requirement. However there are some foods that are strictly no no during pregnancy such as alcohol and caffeine. Also you need to stop smoking for healthy baby.